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All Things Come to an End

Sunset Last Day
Sunset on our last day

Yes, the sun has set on Goodrich. Our job has come to an end as our last day was today. Been a great six months in a wonderful area. So whats next?

First, just some time off. We plan on staying here a few more weeks and enjoy some time without work. After that, who knows? We would like to find something around here and we have some ideas, just nothing solid yet. So it’s rest and relaxation, sleeping a little later, and we will find another adventure down the road.

2017 in Review

Wow, 2018 is here. Another year is behind us, lets see what 2017 was like and what’s ahead in 2018.


Started 2017 in Kenedy, Tx. working in the oil fields of the Eagle Ford area. We were getting work, but not steady work with the gate guard company we were with. After several months of this we were told that new jobs were opening up close to Whitsett, Tx. so we made the move there and soon found a good gig where we were both working the day shift at a large ranch. We were very busy and actually loved the work, but after about a month/six weeks it tapered off and we had enough. The company just didn’t have enough work for all the people they had, and lots of empty promises.

We contacted several companies about gate guard jobs and one called us back with an opportunity in East Texas starting in July. After being in South Texas with all the dirt and dust in the oil fields the piney woods of East Texas sounded wonderful. We would both be working 12 hr shifts-one day shift and one night, but said if we wanted some help to let them know and they could send another couple to help out. We took the job, packed up, and headed East.

Arrived in Goodrich, Tx. in July, found a great campground with our site beneath a huge canopy of 80 ft pine trees. The hot summer sun barely penetrated our motorhome so we only had to run one air conditioner all summer. We were tucked back in a hollow with a lake across from the site. Nice and quiet with only 2 other campers and we all worked the same place. Great change for us…we loved it!!

During that first 30 days of working 24/7 we notified our company we wanted some help. Great pay, easy work, but not much of a life. Laurie worked days and I worked nights so we only saw each other at shift change. We had already decided when we embarked on this RV full time journey that money was NOT at the top of our list. Our relief couple arrived after about 30 days. Laurie and I would work days and they worked nights. We had our life back!

August 2017Survived Hurricane Harvey. That was a fun time. I remember it rained for 36 hours straight. Flooding was just a few miles down the road from us.

Celebrated 2 years full time Rv travel adventures in September. We both love this lifestyle as we have met some great and interesting people along the way. It’s so nice to¬† be able to visit and experience different places. Kinda strange for myself who spent over 20 years in Real Estate, but I can’t imagine living the bricks and sticks way again…maybe one day, but not now.

October 2017-We took a few days off and headed to DFW to visit with friends and family. Celebrated all my kids birthdays with them and also visited with Mom, Sister, and Dad. Also went by my Aunt and Uncle’s place and saw them with some cousins too. It was a great time and we also came home with a (new to us) motor scooter. We were very busy during October.

In conclusion, we had a great year. This is the best gig we have had since we started 2 years ago. The job is supposed to last a year and we hope it does so we can stay here for a while longer. We love it here. Laurie works most days and I take care of the house duties. Yes, I am a “house hubby” as she calls me. She loves her job, the guys bring her food all the time, she knows them all by name(over 100) and they all miss her when she takes a day off occasionally. I do most all the shopping, cooking, and cleaning. It works for us. We are both happy and have a great life.

Whats in store for 2018? As I said earlier more of the same…we hope we work here well into the new year, but if we learned anything is that things change. That’s ok. Change is good. If it happens we are ready, if not, we are ready also. We don’t worry about it, in fact worry is not something I do a lot of now. A new adventure is just down the road!



Work Day

Gave Laurie a break today and went in and worked. Started out foggy and got worse with it finally lifting about noon. Sun made a brief appearance right before it set.

Early morning about 7am
Same pic about 7:30 am
This is our gate dog, he just showed up one night. He likes to be around people. As soon as the workers show up he goes down to the work site with them.
Sun finally coming out about 5pm


We had a rare day yesterday where we were both off together. We worked for the other couple on Thanksgiving day and they worked for us yesterday. Took a motorcycle ride to Coldspring Texas and then out to the National Forest. It was a beautiful day and after coming home we had our Thanksgiving meal that night. Lots to be thankful for!

San Jacinto County Courthouse in Coldspring Texas
They were having a Holiday Fair
Old Red Ford
Heard some music coming off this porch
They were attracting a crowd, and were very good!
Note to self-Move thumb from phone camera lens
Took a ride out to Sam Houston National Forest
Great day to be out on the bike
Later that evening we had our Thanksgiving meal. It was wonderful and lots to be thankful for!

Pileated Woodpecker

I have been hearing these since we arrived, but never got a very good shot because they are usually very high in the trees. Well this morning I heard one and was determined to get some decent pictures. This one was about 60 ft up. The Pileated Woodpecker is the largest woodpecker in North America unless you happen upon a very rare Ivory Billed. Taken with a Tamron 70-300mm lense.






As the holidays approach I think back on the last 5 months of us arriving in the Piney Woods of East Texas. We have enjoyed some great food, nice sunsets and moonlit nights, gambling at Naskila, massages under the pines, nature, beautiful scenery, and logging trucks almost as numerous as pickups. Endured a hurricane, flooding, and a love bug infestation. Its been a great time and I’m thankful for it all! (well maybe not the love bugs)

La Casita in Livingston….Good!!
Leaving some $$ at the Indian reservation
Pileated Woodpecker about 80 ft in top of a Pine Tree



Country church outside of Livingston
Moonlit Pines
Moonlit Pines