Perfect Fishing Day

Fishing SolunarWhat a great day to fish. 75 degrees, light wind, small waves, and the fish feeding forecast was excellent. If you ever fished before you know that things don’t always work out that way. But today it was….we did only catch 3 fish, but it was a beautiful day. Took our umbrella and table down and just  enjoyed the calming waves and sunshine. Today made up for all the rainy and windy weather we have had for the last few days.

IMG_5424     IMG_5418


Windy Conditions


What a difference a day makes. Went to bed on Saturday night with 79 degrees and calm winds from the South…woke up Sunday morning with 64 degrees and North winds sustained at 25 mph with gusts to 35 mph.

Good news…weather is supposed to be back to normal this week with sun, in the 80’s.

Rain, Rain, and more Rain

Updated Radar:10/24/15

Radar Gif

This is the latest:

... Coastal Flood Warning now in effect until 7 PM CDT this
... High rip current risk now in effect through this evening... 

* coastal flooding... minor to moderate tidal overflow with tide 
  levels around 2.5 feet above msl. Water levels may approach 3 
  feet above mean sea level south of Port Aransas. 

* Timing... moderate tidal overflow is expected at times of high 
  Tide. Water levels may be slow to recede during low tide 

* impacts... include but are not limited to... many beach roads on 
  Mustang and padre islands are closed. Minor flooding of 
  beaches at Rockport... Fulton... Magnolia Beach... and North 
  Beach may occur. Flooding in low spots along Matagorda Bay 
  from Magnolia Beach to Indianola. Water well into the dunes 
  along the Gulf of Mexico may result in moderate to major dune 
The dark area on the right is where the water has been…right up to the dunes

The worst is to come Saturday and Sunday with whats left of Cat 5 hurricane Patricia in Mexico. Projected path right down the coastline. It won’t take much rain to flood here. Already have minor flooding now. It’s going to be a fun weekend.

My New Grill and Chick Legs

My New Weber
My New Weber

Before we left I had to make a tough decision. Take my big offset smoker that I really love or leave it and get something more in size with traveling with it in the motor home. Well you can see what happened… Justin, my youngest son is now the owner of my smoker and I have a much more manageable Weber Grill.

Chick Legs
Drumstick Holder

I have already grilled some steaks, burgers, and more. Most recently some chicken legs on my drumstick holder. This holder makes the best chicken legs and thighs. It really grills them evenly without them ever touching the grill. Check it out HERE.


Weber Grill Cover
Weber Grill Cover

The new Weber is nice and one of the advantages it uses less charcoal. It holds the heat in very well. I’m really impressed on how well made it is. Easy to put together and I bought a cover to keep it looking great for a long time. Bottom line: I like it!!

Get your Grill HERE

Grill Cover HERE

Drumstick Holder HERE

Fishing in the Gulf

Water temperature is about 80 degrees

I have fished in lakes all over North and East Texas all my life. Saltwater fishing is a lot different than freshwater. Probably the biggest difference to me was you never know what you will catch and identifying the different species. We finally went on Wednesday and I’m hooked!! We fished in the surf right outside our boardwalk and had a lot of fun.

DSC09786    DSC09785

Fish RigMy setup was a basic bottom rig, a pyramid sinker with 2 leaders of it. I used shrimp for bait and caught 2 at a time more than once.  Almost all the fish were identified (correctly I hope) as Ladyfish and Whiting. All were catch and release.

Gulf Kingfish also known as Whiting
Gulf Kingfish also known as Whiting
Great Field Guide for Gulf coast Fishing
Great Field Guide for Gulf coast Fishing

Work Camping…Our First Week

Flip FlopsWe finished up a pay period of work this week. So our first paycheck will be in a few days. We work 3 days and off 4. That schedule really works out well for us.

When we first started looking for a place to work it was eye opening the number of places that wanted you to work close to or over 40 hours for just a FHU (full hookup site) We weren’t willing to work that many hours just for a FHU. We would rather get paid a salary or hourly wage and pay for our site, which is exactly what we have. Our site is discounted and we have several other perks at a fair wage. We even had one park in the Rio Grande Valley offer us to be the manager of a large park for minimum wage. Obviously we declined, but I’m sure someone took them up on their offer. It amazes me the number of work campers that will work for less than minimum wage. If they would only add up the hours they work, they would be better off paying for the site at full price and working somewhere else.

We both like the work we are doing. Lots of nice campers here and some have been here 6-10 years or more. That says a lot about the management and the way they treat their employees.

Things I like about work camping:Life

  • Short commute (about 30 seconds)
  • No traffic
  • Beautiful sunrises
  • I love my co-worker (my wife)
  • I’m outside
  • Flip flops and shorts are work wear
  • Breaks and Lunch are at home
  • Days to work (3)
  • Days off (4)

Birds at the Pond

        Yellow-crowned Night Heron
Today we visited a special place named the Joan and Scott Holt Paradise Pond Birding Center. It is the only natural fresh water wetland and pond on Mustang Island. Great little hidden gem behind a restaurant. Nice boardwalk on 2 acres with trees and a small pond. Saw White Ibis, Great Blue Herons, and a first for me-a Yellow-crowned Night Heron. It was a immature bird and seemed too busy fishing to worry about me taking his picture.
White Ibis




Rose-breasted Grosbeak (female)
Rose-breasted Grosbeak (female)

Birds, Flowers, and Alligators

Hooded Warbler (click for full size)

Port Aransas has some wonderful areas for birding. We went to the Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center today. Great area with loads of flowers, birds, nice walkway, and 500 ft. boardwalk across the wetlands. Hummingbirds, Herons, and a few Alligators.

Boots or Bags?
Boots or Bags? (click for full size)

There are at least 2 alligators in this area. They are known as “Boots” and “Bags”. Sorry we didn’t get close enough to see his name tag.


Here he comes…time to move on down the way!!

Great Egret
Great Egret
TriColored Heron
TriColored Heron




WiFi Problem and Our Solution

Wifi 2We have read that many RV parks have spotty wifi reception. Now we know that feeling. We just happen to be in one of a few dead spots for wifi in our park. We have a wifi adapter so just need to get it outside and up in height. Used a plastic bottle (we had one) to protect the wifi adapter and an extension cable (we ordered one HERE)

Here is how we did it…

IMG_0600Find a plastic bottle that will fit the wifi adapter. Cut a slot and drill a hole in the bottle cap for the extension cable. Plug the extension cable into the adapter and tread the cable through the hole in the cap and screw it back on the bottle. We mounted it on our ladder with bungee cords. It works great!!

Cut a slot in the cap to the center
Drill a hole in the center that connects the slot
Drill a hole that connects with the hole
Thread the cable through and tighten the cap. Plug the other end into your computer. UPDATE: We now have two cables, one for each computer and have replaced the plastic bottle with PVC pipes with a cap on top for long term use. Works GREAT!!

Parts Needed:

NetGear RangeMax Wireless Adapter

Bluerigger 32 ft ExtensionBlueRigger USB 32 Ft, Extension Cable