Work Camping…Our First Week

Flip FlopsWe finished up a pay period of work this week. So our first paycheck will be in a few days. We work 3 days and off 4. That schedule really works out well for us.

When we first started looking for a place to work it was eye opening the number of places that wanted you to work close to or over 40 hours for just a FHU (full hookup site) We weren’t willing to work that many hours just for a FHU. We would rather get paid a salary or hourly wage and pay for our site, which is exactly what we have. Our site is discounted and we have several other perks at a fair wage. We even had one park in the Rio Grande Valley offer us to be the manager of a large park for minimum wage. Obviously we declined, but I’m sure someone took them up on their offer. It amazes me the number of work campers that will work for less than minimum wage. If they would only add up the hours they work, they would be better off paying for the site at full price and working somewhere else.

We both like the work we are doing. Lots of nice campers here and some have been here 6-10 years or more. That says a lot about the management and the way they treat their employees.

Things I like about work camping:Life

  • Short commute (about 30 seconds)
  • No traffic
  • Beautiful sunrises
  • I love my co-worker (my wife)
  • I’m outside
  • Flip flops and shorts are work wear
  • Breaks and Lunch are at home
  • Days to work (3)
  • Days off (4)

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