My New Grill and Chick Legs

My New Weber
My New Weber

Before we left I had to make a tough decision. Take my big offset smoker that I really love or leave it and get something more in size with traveling with it in the motor home. Well you can see what happened… Justin, my youngest son is now the owner of my smoker and I have a much more manageable Weber Grill.

Chick Legs
Drumstick Holder

I have already grilled some steaks, burgers, and more. Most recently some chicken legs on my drumstick holder. This holder makes the best chicken legs and thighs. It really grills them evenly without them ever touching the grill. Check it out HERE.


Weber Grill Cover
Weber Grill Cover

The new Weber is nice and one of the advantages it uses less charcoal. It holds the heat in very well. I’m really impressed on how well made it is. Easy to put together and I bought a cover to keep it looking great for a long time. Bottom line: I like it!!

Get your Grill HERE

Grill Cover HERE

Drumstick Holder HERE


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