Rainy and Cold New Year Day

Happy New YearWell the new year has arrived with a cold wind and rain. Temps around 48 degrees with a steady North wind made it feel like the low forties. Not really the tropical weather most everyone has enjoyed lately. The park is starting to fill up with the winter Texans as I see more and more Minnesota, Iowa, New York, Colorado, license plates coming in. I have been told we will be full (500 plus) in a few weeks.  Saw one arrive yesterday with shorts on and quickly changed into warmer clothes as they were setting up. Our new neighbor is from Canada.

We were scheduled to work today, so it was a typical work day. The park does cook breakfast every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so we usually take our morning break in the rec hall with a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. We both can eat for $6, so it’s not only good but inexpensive.

They had a Polar Bear swim today in which a few brave or crazy folks jumped into the pool. Not our idea of celebrating the New Year, but I do admire anyone who will jump into a pool of cold water on a day like today. It allows us not brave enough to enjoy a few laughs and happy it’s them instead of us.

One more day of work and we will be off for 4 days. Hopefully the weather will improve some. Looking forward to a great new year with more places to see and things to do.


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