Camping with the Elks

Elks CampingWe needed a place closer to my daughter at least for a few days so we could take her to a Dr appointment. We called the Elks lodge up and they said we could stay 4 days. It was just a place to park outside the lodge with electric and water. Not in the best area of Irving but despite that it turned out to be good anyway. It was quiet…the street it was on was closed for construction so it wasn’t a thru street while we were there. The price was right-$10 per night! Thank you, Elks Lodge of Irving



Found a great place to do our laundry.  $5.50 for one load of laundry in a one big washer.  2 sets of queen size sheets, 12 towels, dozen of kitchen towels, 5 pairs of jeans, 3 sweaters, 2 sweatshirts, 10 t-shirts and a few more items. The dryers were free, plus we were in and out in an hour.







Next stop: Lewisville Lake Park



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