Happy Easter from Marathon Texas

The owner has some quail blocks out on the property and I’ve been trying to catch some quail feeding there. They are very skittish, so you have to be still to get some pics.

IMG_2233e Scaled Quail
Blue Quail also known as Scaled Quail
IMG_2237e scaled quail
Taken right before they went through the fence and were gone.
Taken off Hwy 385 about 2 miles North of Marathon
IMG_2255e Bunny
Our resident bunny, but today he is our Easter Bunny

Plane Crash

This happened about 200 yards from the motel office. Local retired airplane pilot in a experimental plane went down today right next door to us. Word is that he has crashed before almost in the same spot about a year ago. Lots of sirens, emergency vehicles, that we aren’t used to hearing around here. Witness said he was ok and taken to Alpine medical center for evaluation. Took down a power line so some lost power for a while. We never did. Some excitement for Marathon Texas!!



This sign was erected after the first crash

Biking in the Big Bend Area

We have a group of 37 bicyclists that are biking from coast to coast to stay a few nights in our park.

Bike tents 2

They have been doing this for years. The truck full of supplies and support staff arrive ahead of the bicyclists and set everything up. The truck started on one end of the tent area and unloaded everyone’s equipment. Then they begin to set up tents, blow up air mattress’s, and put the personal items, suitcases, bags, etc. in the proper tent. All tents have a number on them.

tents 4

They have a cook who feeds them, along with a massage therapist that gives them a rub down when they return. They also rented out 4 rooms just for showers. Average age of the riders-55-60, some as old as 68-70. These guys and girls are in great shape. They arrived yesterday about 1:00pm, spent the night and got up today and visited the Big Bend National Park. They will spend one more night and then it’s back on the road. They started in California and will finish up in Florida. Great friendly group. All I can say is I’m happy it’s them and not me!!

Downtown Marathon Tx.

Well here it is…downtown. This is about it except the Gage hotel and a couple of gas stations.

Post Office
Post office on the right, and a shop on the left
Famous Burro
The Famous Burro Bar and Grill. We ate here a few nights ago and was very good.
Famous Burro inside wide
Inside the Famous Burro Bar and Grill
The Trans-Pecos Bank. It has the only ATM in town. French grocer is just down the street.

Marathon Tx. Birding

Here is a few around the Rv Park and close by.

Vermilion Flycatcher
White Crowned Sparrow
Close up of White Crowned Sparrow
Red Tailed Hawk Nest on Nesting Platform between Marathon and Alpine
Buzzard Roost Tree close to Post Park. This is not a tree to walk under!!
Another sparrow posing
Vermilion Flycatcher seen frequently around the water hole in our park
House Finch
Cactus Wren
Cactus wren, this one just sat and posed for me
Was in a tree with a nest, but the nest looked like an old one

Sunset Drive to Post Park

We decided to take a drive to Post park before dark tonight. Nice park with a creek flowing through it, so lots of wildlife.

Vermilion Flycatcher
Another shot on a white railing, the red really shows up well.
Mule deer, these were seen on the road while we were driving back.



We saw about 30-40 of these on the way back. Finally caught up with this one on the side of the road. No shortage of jackrabbit’s.


We asked if we could plant a few vegetables and the owner said sure you can. So we bought a few and we now have our own little garden.


Tomatoes, peppers, artichokes, lettuce, kolharbi, snap peas, and chives. Going to plant some onions when they get some more in. There is some great raised beds here that are empty that we are going to try to fill up.