Cooper Lake State Park

Our state park pass had some half price coupons on it that were soon expiring so we wanted to use them. Stayed at Bonham State Park for 4 days and now we are off to Cooper Lake Park. This is in the Sulphur Springs area close to my Dad and Bonnie. We visited with my Dad before we left…hope Bonnie is feeling better, she was under the weather.

Cooper Lake camping

Cooper Lake

Cooper Lake 2
Buzzard Eggs.jpg
I was walking along a trail and a large bird flew up in front of me from the ground into a tree…scared me to death… I thought it was a turkey, but it wasn’t – it was a buzzard or to be more exact a turkey vulture. It was a female that was on a nest with two large eggs. Took a quick picture and left so she could get back on her eggs. I didn’t know that they nested on the ground. They aren’t the most attractive birds but they do a very important and good job of keeping the roads cleaned up of roadkill.

Time for a campfire…

Fire Soon

Fire Cooper


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