Alpine Update

Wow, how time flies. It’s already August!! A lot has been happening, so here is a quick rundown…

Rv park

First, we have been struggling to find a permanent site for our RV. The pipe liners that are in the area constructing the gas pipeline have taken over most if not all the RV campgrounds around Alpine and beyond. We are at the Lost Alaskan RV park and had a temporary site for about 30 days. We have contacted all the RV parks in Alpine, Ft Davis, and Marfa…they are all full with waiting lists. Our temporary site was supposed to end on August 12th but we managed to secure another site here until September 18th. Still no permanent site yet, but we have several options we are working on. We are at a very nice park with a pool, trees, laundry, and more. It’s about 5-7 minutes to town. We like it.

This is when our friends from Marathon visited us. The kids loved the pool!!

Alpine is great, we both like it here a lot. It has just about everything you want but still a small town. We even went to the movies one evening…the first movie theater I have been to in many years. It was nice and we both had a great time.



The weather is so nice with highs lately in the low 90’s and in the mornings in the 60’s. We have had several rain showers and one day it rained about an inch or more!! It’s wonderful to sit outside about an hour before sundown.

Desert Heat
This is from the Chamber of Commerce site.

Thats all for now….. more coming soon!!



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