Steaks from Sul Ross College

We went to the Sul Ross retail meat counter today and tried some of their meat. We got a couple of butterfly pork chops and two New York Strip steaks.

(Courtesy of Sul Ross State University Website)



The store is run by the students and prices are very reasonable.

Vacuum packed and frozen
Cooked up nice on the grill and very tasty. We will be back!!

One Year Full Timing

One year ago today we started out full time in our RV. We left the DFW area and spent the fall and part of the winter in Port Aransas as work campers.


We left Port Aransas in January to go back to Dallas area to take care of my daughter that was having some medical issues. Stayed in DFW until February and headed to Lake Murray in Oklahoma to work at the state park. That only lasted a few days because what they told us via email and phone was much different than when we arrived. We left Oklahoma and visited a few friends and family in East Texas and headed to Marathon in far west Texas in March. We worked in Marathon for 6 months and went down the road to Alpine where we are now.

Dislikes about RV life: We don’t have a tow vehicle yet, so we have to drive separate now. Hopefully that will change soon, but the pickup has come in handy for extra storage. Laundry is somewhat a chore since we don’t have a W/D in the motor home.

Likes: Great way to live on the cheap. Where we park is our home with great views, and if want to change views we move. Having to leave and take care of family allows us flexibility and keeps us out of hotels. Working as we travel allows us to stay as long as we wish and really get to know the town and enjoy everything there is to offer.

Work Camping experience: The job can be much different than explained to you. A lot of parks take advantage of you and have you work much more than needed for your hookups. Ask a lot of questions and get the job description in writing as well as the expected hours.

Conclusion: Its a great way to see places that you have always wanted to visit. We have met some interesting people and made some great friends. Where we are at now it gives us the chance to experience the Big Bend area for as long as we want. Most visit for a few days and have to leave. There is a lot to see and do and living here gives us the flexibility to take it all in. We love the lifestyle and plan on continuing and traveling to more places in the future.


Fall is Here

It was raining last night and when we woke up this morning it was still raining with wind and in the low 50’s. Forecast calls for mid 40’s tonight. The Big Bend area has had a lot of rain over the last month and things are so green. Fall has arrived as the high the next 5 days is mid 70’s. The “A” mountain as it’s called was covered in fog this morning.


Changes in Alpine

I mentioned in my last post that some changes were coming….

First a new job for me, I’m now working at the local True Value Hardware store in the paint dept. where I have had some experience many years ago at Sherwin-Williams. I like it, putting in a lot of hours which is ok since we have made several trips to DFW recently. Laurie is still at the Guest lodging which is nice since it’s just around the corner from True Value.

Second, a new location for us to park the RV. After searching everywhere in Alpine we finally got a call from someone with hookups on acreage. So the scenery is better, it’s much quieter, and we like it a lot. Our closest neighbors are some horses.

We had our friends from Marathon drop by a few days ago and brought some homemade tamales. Man they are good!!

Mmmmm good!!

The Big Bend area has received a lot of rain in the last month and everything is so green.

This is a roadside park at Ft Davis where we had lunch on the way back to Alpine from DFW.
The mountains were gorgeous and very green!!


Back in Alpine

Finally got back and then things got crazy on Thursday. You have probably heard about the school shooting, so I won’t go into it much. It was like a war zone around here that day. Helicopters buzzing all around, sirens, and some nut calling in bomb threats all at the same time when the shooting incident was going on.

This was a border patrol helicopter that flew in from McAllen, Tx. It was circling the hospital that received a bomb threat as well as Sul Ross college. The hospital is just across the street from us. After I took the pic and zoomed in I feel like I was being watched as well…thru a rifle scope!!

We only ventured out once that day because the town was full of border patrol, FBI, city and county police, and many more from neighboring towns.

Happy to be back home. We will be moving to another site on some acreage across town soon. More on that and much more soon. Stayed tuned.