Highway 90-Pecos River Bridge

Just a few miles from Langtry the Pecos River crosses Hwy 90. Some great views from a roadside park just across the bridge.

This is the highest highway bridge in Texas. About 275 feet above the water.
The Pecos River flows into the Rio Grande
Nice view!



Highway 90-Judge Roy Bean

We took Highway 90 from Alpine to Del Rio where we spent the night before heading to Kenedy, Texas.

This is Langtry, home of Judge Roy Bean. He was the “Law West of the Pecos”.
Even though the visitor center had closed when we arrived, I was still able to take a few pictures. This is the Jersey Lilly. Read more about Judge Roy Bean HERE
Just a cool looking sign.

Next stop: Del Rio, Texas

Roadside Beauty

We had to take a trip to Beeville to have our fingerprints done. This was to complete our security license requirements. We ate lunch at Elder’s Country Store and Market. It has been there since the 60’s and we had a very good and affordable lunch special of chicken fried steak, potatoes, and green beans. On the way home we stopped at a park on the side of highway. Lots of huge oak trees and wildflowers.

Roadside park in Beeville


I forgot my DSLR camera but not bad for a iPhone



A great day in Beeville. We will be back!

Gate Guarding First 3 days

Just finished our temporary relief Gate Guarding gig. I worked the night shift and Laurie worked the day shift. We were pretty close to town, only about 2-3 miles from Karnes City. As you can tell we were not out in the middle of nowhere as several homes were around our rig.

Guard Shack
Our work location and all the comforts of home!!
Oil Rig
Sunset in the Eagle Ford area. Our oil rig can be seen between the trees on the left.

This will be something totally different than any jobs we have done in the past and will be a great way to make good money in a short period of time.

New Work Gig

We arrived in the Eagle Ford Shale area March 1st. Our new work gig will be Gate Guards for the oil companies in this area. We both attended a Marathon Oil orientation on the 3rd and we have a Gate here in the Karnes County to work relief for the couple presently there on Monday for about 3 days. As we understand things are picking up in the area and should be plenty of gates to work this year.


We spent the first night at the Walmart parking lot and moved the next day to our RV park. Our RV park is very nice. It is out of town about a mile or 2 and very quiet. We have Full hookups, cable with HBO, wifi, and free laundry. Been rainy and cool the last few days.

Kenedy is a small town less than 4k people with a local Walmart and HEB grocery. This is a big change for us since we had to drive an hour for a Walmart before. HEB is a welcome change as well as we like to shop there.

More on our work coming up…