Not Very Smart

Most of the oil rigs we work on are located on small 2 lane Farm to Market roads. Some are in better shape than others, but all have a lot of truck traffic and they drive fast. The gate we are on now is at the bottom of a hill in both directions. I saw this yesterday, this truck driver passes his destination and decides to turn around in the middle of the road.

I was ready for the crash
He had to pull up and back several times. I was sure we were in for a big accident.
Lucky for him and everyone else he got turned around with only a pickup coming over the hill, he saw him and was able to slow down while he blocked the road turning around. Exciting times in the gate guarding business.



Another Gate Almost Complete

The gate we are presently working is coming to an end.

Bringing in the Frack Tanks

Soon the rig will come down and we will move on to the next one, until then the gate activity will slow down. We have maybe 6-7 days left here.


File_000 (2)
Going to be a lot of nothing….that’s ok

Dallas Trip

We just spent a week in Dallas area for my oldest son’s wedding. My Dad’s birthday was also the same day as the wedding. Great time to see him, his wife, and my kids.

Stopped in Hico, Tx.  for some chocolate \
My Dad, Daughter Ashley and youngest Son, Justin. I’m giving my Dad his gift, homemade walking sticks. Happy 86th birthday, Dad!!
My Stepmom, Bonnie who was the lucky recipient of the chocolate. 
My Dad and Bonnie using Skype to talk to Billy, my brother in Washington.
Skypeing…is that a word?
Smiles all the way around!! Thanks to Laurie, my wife for being the wonderful photographer!

Ranger Game


My daughter Ashley and I discussing the finer points of baseball

We are up in DFW area now for my oldest son’s wedding. We arrived on Tuesday and the wedding is Saturday evening. Decided to stay in Hotels instead of driving the motorhome. Been a little strange doing that. Got to visit some friends, and last night went to the Texas Ranger game. We got our money’s worth since it went into extra innings tied at 0-0. My daughter went with us and had a great time. After almost 4 hours, and 13 innings the Rangers won.

Gate Guarding and Birding

We are settling in our gate now. Started out having to use paper logs….yes pen and paper, can you believe that!! We finally have an ipad, which makes it so much easier and faster. Most days are pretty slow, but we have had others that are super busy and the day just flies by. On those slow days you have to find something to do. I brought my camera and found some great subjects to shoot. All photos are my own.

Sunrise in Atascosa County
This is a Loggerhead Shrike. I have seen at least 2-3 everyday and because of the lights that are on all night we have a lot of insects which in turn attract a lot of birds looking for a easy meal. Shrikes will sit high on a perch and swoop down to catch there prey. While they eat most of what they catch, uneaten prey is stored in a most unique way as evidenced in next picture.
They impale their uneaten prey on thorns or barbed wire to eat later.
Fun birds to watch
I have seen several of this bird, the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher. They also like the insects and can catch their prey in mid air.
Dinner Time
The Eastern Meadowlark is plentiful at our gate. They have a very distinct call and I love their color. This is a rare shot of one on barbwire as most I have seen on on the ground or on a wood fence post.
Here is one foraging for seeds and insects.

So there it is…. some of what I do while not actually working. Yes, we have a 12 hour shift, but you average just working just 2-3 hours at the most. So it allows some down time to pursue other interests. Not a bad gig, I like it.