Making Walking Sticks

I started making walking sticks when we were out in the Big Bend area. Yucca was plentiful and made a lightweight sturdy stick. Since then I have made some out of pecan, oak, cedar, and working on some out of mesquite wood now.

This is a Yucca plant. It has a seed stalk that blooms and then dies. That is when you harvest the stalk.
Fresh cut stalk. Now I need to remove the top layer.
A sharp knife works great.
Smooth it all down with a rasp.
I use a palm sander to make them as smooth as glass before staining.
Here is from left to right, a cedar, yucca, and stained cedar.
Curved yucca
This is a yucca that grew with a nice curve in it. One of my favorites, I gave it to my Dad later.
Applying the stain and 24 hours later I apply a coat or 2 of polyurethane.


My Dad with the curved yucca. Gave him some for his Birthday
6 sticks
Some of the latest ones I have finished, As you can see you can use for walking or hiking. I just give them to friends or family. I gave one to a friend who was very ill and needed some help getting out of bed and walking.
Raw Sticks
Here is some I have cut but haven’t started yet. I always have my saw with me and keeping an eye out for sticks to finish.

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