Internet Access Solved!!

Being mobile has a few problems and one is internet access. When we are in a park there is usually wifi available but it is shared by everyone else in the park with you. It’s usually slow and not very reliable. I even made us a couple of boosters for the wifi which helped, but bottom line it was still a problem.

Searching for a long term solution that was affordable was difficult. Well I finally found something. Att has a device called the ZTE Mobley. It plugs into your vehicle OBD port and turns your car into a mobile hotspot using LTE network. Hook up to 5 devices and unlimited data for $20.00 a month.


I found a Ac adapter on Amazon to plug into the wall so I don’t have to use it in a vehicle and it works great. We ended up buying 2 Mobley units for $99 each (no contract) and adapters for both. We keep one at work and one in the RV. Att says they may slow speeds down after 22 gb, but we are up to almost 200gb and haven’t noticed any slower speeds. It’s been fast enough to stream movies with no problems. So for $20 a month we have unlimited data to use anywhere we travel. Problem solved!!


Night Critters

I’m working the night shift until the other gate opens later, then we will both be working the day shift. After the gate closes around 6:30pm the site is empty of people until around 5:30am the next morning.


Lots of online movies, music, and whatever else I can find to keep me busy. Here is a few night critters I have found outside. Saw a skunk one night but wasn’t too interested in getting a picture, you probably know what one looks like anyway.

This little frog was hanging around outside my window one night. Suction cup feet!
John, Paul, George, Ringo? No different beetle…looks interesting though.  Can’t tell if it’s smiling or not.
Our work site

Well it’s getting dark, time to hunt for more night critters..gotta find something to do until morning. Getting paid to watch movies, take pictures, and drinking lots of coffee is hard work.


Since we both are working a lot now we have been doing our shopping online. We have always used Amazon but lately we have tried Walmart online shopping and have it shipped to the store. So far it has worked pretty good. I had ordered a recliner when we were in Kenedy and picked it up at the store and that worked great. I was in and out with 2 guys loading it for me in about 15 minutes.

On our first order here we had ordered some chips and they ended up being a lot smaller pieces than we wanted, in other words they were crushed, so no more chips online. Easy to return with anything you are not happy with. lt does save a lot of time. Picking it up is fast and your order is ready in a few days. So far we have been satisfied with Walmart online shopping.

Red topped mushroom I found in the woods behind our RV spot.

Gate Guarding in Livingston

Rainbow right before the rain started today

It’s been about 10 days now since moving to the Piney Woods of Deep East Texas. I must say it’s been good so far. The gate is easy, 4-5 minutes away from our park, and things are going well. Close to stores and we like our Rv park.

Last evening sunset at our gate.

It’s been raining almost everyday, which has kept the temperatures down a lot. It’s raining now as I write this. This might just be a place where we stay a while!


Made it to the Piney Woods


It took a while to get our motorhome in between all the trees. Nice park with huge trees, swimming pool, and small lake to fish in. Only 4 minutes from our gate. We will start on Monday. A lot of the workers are here at the RV park also. We got it “made in the shade”.
Fishing lake, no license needed.
Getting ready to grill