Internet Access Solved!!

Being mobile has a few problems and one is internet access. When we are in a park there is usually wifi available but it is shared by everyone else in the park with you. It’s usually slow and not very reliable. I even made us a couple of boosters for the wifi which helped, but bottom line it was still a problem.

Searching for a long term solution that was affordable was difficult. Well I finally found something. Att has a device called the ZTE Mobley. It plugs into your vehicle OBD port and turns your car into a mobile hotspot using LTE network. Hook up to 5 devices and unlimited data for $20.00 a month.


I found a Ac adapter on Amazon to plug into the wall so I don’t have to use it in a vehicle and it works great. We ended up buying 2 Mobley units for $99 each (no contract) and adapters for both. We keep one at work and one in the RV. Att says they may slow speeds down after 22 gb, but we are up to almost 200gb and haven’t noticed any slower speeds. It’s been fast enough to stream movies with no problems. So for $20 a month we have unlimited data to use anywhere we travel. Problem solved!!


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