Flooding in Goodrich

This is on West Fm 1988

We work off of East Fm 1988, these two pics are on the West side. Hopefully the high water doesn’t cross over to our side! Pictures courtesy of Polk County Today



Weather Update

We had to go to the work site this morning to change generators. We have 2 and one being a spare. The main one would only last another day or two before fuel was gone so we went to switch them out so we would have power when we returned to work. The Hwy 59 road looked like a truck stop with all the trucks pulled off the side of the road. Since they couldn’t go South they had parked waiting for the road to reopen.

boat dock
Our lake at the RV park is full. 
This is right outside our rv. Very, very, muddy!!
Road water
FM 2665 – This is the road we take from our RV park
Only a few places like this, surprising how well the water is draining.
campground water
This is our road to the RV park, not bad for as much rain we have had so far.

It rained all night with a lot of wind until about 9am this morning and finally slowed down with only a few showers. So we went about 36 hours straight with it raining pretty hard. My guess, since we have no rain gauge, is about 10-12 inches of rain. We lost power this morning for about 2-3 hours so we used the generator a while. Power is back but still out in a few places around Goodrich and Livingston. Just have to wait and see where this storm is going next. So far, not bad for us.

Non-Stop Rain

Rain started about 8pm and it hasn’t stopped or even slowed down. Listening to Houston scanner had numerous high water rescues happening. We are just getting steady rain, but Houston has had heavy downpours for several hours. Radar shows no let up anytime soon. This will be the start of flooding and huge totals of rain. Several tornadoes have caused damage around Houston. It’s gonna be a super wet day.


Hurricane Harvey

Well, Hurricane Harvey made landfall this evening in some familiar areas. Our first work camping gig was in Port Aransas. Farther North close to San Antonio is where we just left 2 months ago around Beeville, Kenedy, Whitsett areas. Now we are North of Houston in the Piney Woods and keeping a close eye on this storm.


We moved our Motorhome to another parking space today. We were back in a great spot in the woods, but maybe not such a great spot in case of a lot of rain. The next few days are going to be crazy, watching the radar, and the sky.

Some of our crews on our work site left Friday and won’t be back until Wednesday or Thursday.

We really hope Harvey heads North away from the Houston area. More updates later.

Here Comes the Rain

We are 115 miles from the Gulf coast and Northeast of Houston, but they are predicting 7-12 inches of rain this weekend from the Tropical Storm headed towards the Texas coast. We are prepared, onboard water tank is full, plenty of fuel, generator is ready should we need power. Maybe something else???

Yeah, Pontoons for the Motorhome!!

Lovebug Infestation

We have been invaded by Lovebugs. They are everywhere. The locals say it’s like this every year, but I have never seen this many bugs at one time. Literally thousands!!

Pretty unique is they are “attached” to each other- hence the name Lovebug


lovebug-shack.jpg Went to the store and all vehicles are in parking lot were covered.

Lovebugs Truck
FedEx Truck today. 

Lovebugs window2

 They don’t bite, in fact harmless, but annoying!!

Livingston Chiropractic

Hurt my shoulder doing something-not sure exactly what, but it has been painful now for over a month. I decided to give a Chiropractor in Livingston a try and have seen him for treatment for about 4-5 times now. It has slowly improved and hopefully I am on my way to being pain free.


Things are going well here, we have a couple that were supposed to start on a Spring, Tx gate that has been delayed so they are helping us now with relief work. I’m not working nights anymore at the present time. By having some relief we have a lot more time together in the evenings and some weekends and that has been a nice change. It also allows us to both work days to give each other a break as needed.

Weather has been hot, but it’s August so not a surprise. Seems like it clouds up and rains about once every 10 days so not bad at all.

This job has been the best one so far and we hope we can stay here for a while. We both love the area and all the trees have been great. Our park is very nice and quiet with just about anything we need or want within 10-15 minutes away. Had a catfish dinner a few evening ago which was so good!!

We are planning on coming to Dallas in October. (more on that later.)