Happy Halloween

Laurie wanted to give here workers some candy today so I went and bought almost 200 pieces for her to give out today.

She gave them all out and they loved it!!

We saved a few for any kids that might come by, it’s rainy now so that may not happen.


New Walking Sticks

Just finished a few new ones. Will be giving some away on trip to DFW next week.

This is made from a Hackberry limb. Has a nice knob on it.
Hackberry close
I like this one, it has a nice grain to it. The knob is unique.
Yucca Hanging
A small Yucca with a curve. It’s hanging to dry after some stain.
This is 2 more Hackberry and 1 Yucca.  5 total this time, 3 Hackberry and 2 Yucca’s.