Work Week in Alpine

With the owners out of town, today was our first day to handle everything. Things went pretty smooth. We are getting used to the Airbnb site where all the properties are listed. This is a lot different than any job we have had in the past, but I feel we are going to really like it. There is a lot of different tasks to do during a day so it’s not just one thing over and over.

We went to Marathon to visit some friends. We picked up our mail, some fresh eggs, and watched them feed some donkeys.

Here is the kids feeding the donkeys some carrots.

Then it was back to Alpine to take in a baseball game. Even though the Cowboys lost we had a great time!!


Alpine Cowboy Baseball Game

Alpine is home to the Alpine Cowboys baseball team and we went to a game last night. Lots of people support this team and the park is first class. The Cowboys are in the Pecos league and not affiliated with any major or minor league teams. Free parking, and $6.00 tickets. We sat in the shade as they played the White Sands Pupfish. Temperature was 82 degrees.

The Kokernot Ranch “06” brand was incorporated into decorations in the stadium along with ironwork of baseballs with painted threads as seen above at the ticket window.


Texas Monthly magazine has called the field “the Yankee Stadium of Texas”. A 1951 exhibition game featuring Satchel Paige’s St. Louis Browns and the Chicago White Sox had around 6,000 fans attending.  Norm Cash and Gaylord Perry also played on Kokernot Field and went on to be major league players. The stadium was constructed in 1947 by Big Bend area rancher Herbert Lee Kokernot Jr. for his semi- professional baseball team. He had red clay for the infield hauled in by boxcar from Georgia. Native stone originated from the Kokernot Ranch and was used to construct the outfield wall and grandstand. Read more about the history HERE

Our ticket taker. (She loved us taking her picture)
Both teams on the field during the Star Spangled Banner. Alpine in red.
All the kids ran after the foul balls. Here is a girl next to us that got one.
Banner with more info on the Kokernot namesake of the stadium.
Most of the seating is shaded. The crowd was pretty large for a Monday night.
Serious scorekeeper in front of us.
This is the “Cowgirl” passing the hat. When a player hits a home run they pass the hat for donations and the $$ collected goes to that player.
Time to turn the lights on
Lots of entertainment between innings. Here some kids are doing circles on a bat and then have to run to the bases for a prize.
Cowboys were behind early in the game but had a 5 run inning and won the game 9-3

What a great evening of entertainment. We will certainly be back for more!!