Biking in the Big Bend Area

We have a group of 37 bicyclists that are biking from coast to coast to stay a few nights in our park.

Bike tents 2

They have been doing this for years. The truck full of supplies and support staff arrive ahead of the bicyclists and set everything up. The truck started on one end of the tent area and unloaded everyone’s equipment. Then they begin to set up tents, blow up air mattress’s, and put the personal items, suitcases, bags, etc. in the proper tent. All tents have a number on them.

tents 4

They have a cook who feeds them, along with a massage therapist that gives them a rub down when they return. They also rented out 4 rooms just for showers. Average age of the riders-55-60, some as old as 68-70. These guys and girls are in great shape. They arrived yesterday about 1:00pm, spent the night and got up today and visited the Big Bend National Park. They will spend one more night and then it’s back on the road. They started in California and will finish up in Florida. Great friendly group. All I can say is I’m happy it’s them and not me!!