Back in Alpine

Finally got back and then things got crazy on Thursday. You have probably heard about the school shooting, so I won’t go into it much. It was like a war zone around here that day. Helicopters buzzing all around, sirens, and some nut calling in bomb threats all at the same time when the shooting incident was going on.

This was a border patrol helicopter that flew in from McAllen, Tx. It was circling the hospital that received a bomb threat as well as Sul Ross college. The hospital is just across the street from us. After I took the pic and zoomed in I feel like I was being watched as well…thru a rifle scope!!

We only ventured out once that day because the town was full of border patrol, FBI, city and county police, and many more from neighboring towns.

Happy to be back home. We will be moving to another site on some acreage across town soon. More on that and much more soon. Stayed tuned.