Livingston Chiropractic

Hurt my shoulder doing something-not sure exactly what, but it has been painful now for over a month. I decided to give a Chiropractor in Livingston a try and have seen him for treatment for about 4-5 times now. It has slowly improved and hopefully I am on my way to being pain free.


Things are going well here, we have a couple that were supposed to start on a Spring, Tx gate that has been delayed so they are helping us now with relief work. I’m not working nights anymore at the present time. By having some relief we have a lot more time together in the evenings and some weekends and that has been a nice change. It also allows us to both work days to give each other a break as needed.

Weather has been hot, but it’s August so not a surprise. Seems like it clouds up and rains about once every 10 days so not bad at all.

This job has been the best one so far and we hope we can stay here for a while. We both love the area and all the trees have been great. Our park is very nice and quiet with just about anything we need or want within 10-15 minutes away. Had a catfish dinner a few evening ago which was so good!!

We are planning on coming to Dallas in October. (more on that later.)


Dallas Trip

We just spent a week in Dallas area for my oldest son’s wedding. My Dad’s birthday was also the same day as the wedding. Great time to see him, his wife, and my kids.

Stopped in Hico, Tx.  for some chocolate \
My Dad, Daughter Ashley and youngest Son, Justin. I’m giving my Dad his gift, homemade walking sticks. Happy 86th birthday, Dad!!
My Stepmom, Bonnie who was the lucky recipient of the chocolate. 
My Dad and Bonnie using Skype to talk to Billy, my brother in Washington.
Skypeing…is that a word?
Smiles all the way around!! Thanks to Laurie, my wife for being the wonderful photographer!