Made it to the Piney Woods


It took a while to get our motorhome in between all the trees. Nice park with huge trees, swimming pool, and small lake to fish in. Only 4 minutes from our gate. We will start on Monday. A lot of the workers are here at the RV park also. We got it “made in the shade”.
Fishing lake, no license needed.
Getting ready to grill

Perfect Fishing Day

Fishing SolunarWhat a great day to fish. 75 degrees, light wind, small waves, and the fish feeding forecast was excellent. If you ever fished before you know that things don’t always work out that way. But today it was….we did only catch 3 fish, but it was a beautiful day. Took our umbrella and table down and just  enjoyed the calming waves and sunshine. Today made up for all the rainy and windy weather we have had for the last few days.

IMG_5424     IMG_5418

Fishing in the Gulf

Water temperature is about 80 degrees

I have fished in lakes all over North and East Texas all my life. Saltwater fishing is a lot different than freshwater. Probably the biggest difference to me was you never know what you will catch and identifying the different species. We finally went on Wednesday and I’m hooked!! We fished in the surf right outside our boardwalk and had a lot of fun.

DSC09786    DSC09785

Fish RigMy setup was a basic bottom rig, a pyramid sinker with 2 leaders of it. I used shrimp for bait and caught 2 at a time more than once.  Almost all the fish were identified (correctly I hope) as Ladyfish and Whiting. All were catch and release.

Gulf Kingfish also known as Whiting
Gulf Kingfish also known as Whiting
Great Field Guide for Gulf coast Fishing
Great Field Guide for Gulf coast Fishing