All Things Come to an End

Sunset Last Day
Sunset on our last day

Yes, the sun has set on Goodrich. Our job has come to an end as our last day was today. Been a great six months in a wonderful area. So whats next?

First, just some time off. We plan on staying here a few more weeks and enjoy some time without work. After that, who knows? We would like to find something around here and we have some ideas, just nothing solid yet. So it’s rest and relaxation, sleeping a little later, and we will find another adventure down the road.


Work Day

Gave Laurie a break today and went in and worked. Started out foggy and got worse with it finally lifting about noon. Sun made a brief appearance right before it set.

Early morning about 7am
Same pic about 7:30 am
This is our gate dog, he just showed up one night. He likes to be around people. As soon as the workers show up he goes down to the work site with them.
Sun finally coming out about 5pm

Two Years Ago….

Yes, 2 years ago on this day we started our full time rv adventure. It’s been a great ride so far, meeting a lot of people in a lot of different places. Currently in the Deep Piney Woods of East Texas working as Gate Guards. This has allowed us to bank some $$ and enjoy this area. We really like it and are scheduled to be here for several more months into the new year. No regrets and hope for many more posts like this one!

BBQ Lunch Fundraiser

We had a catered BBQ lunch a few days ago. One of the workers where we work is paying for it and accepting donations. All money collected will go to a co-worker whose child will be having some serious surgery soon. This is just one example of the really wonderful people here that make this a great place to work! This lunch raised $2,000. with only about 50 workers. Best lunch we had in a while, it felt good after eating it!


Night Critters

I’m working the night shift until the other gate opens later, then we will both be working the day shift. After the gate closes around 6:30pm the site is empty of people until around 5:30am the next morning.


Lots of online movies, music, and whatever else I can find to keep me busy. Here is a few night critters I have found outside. Saw a skunk one night but wasn’t too interested in getting a picture, you probably know what one looks like anyway.

This little frog was hanging around outside my window one night. Suction cup feet!
John, Paul, George, Ringo? No different beetle…looks interesting though.  Can’t tell if it’s smiling or not.
Our work site

Well it’s getting dark, time to hunt for more night critters..gotta find something to do until morning. Getting paid to watch movies, take pictures, and drinking lots of coffee is hard work.

Gate Guarding in Livingston

Rainbow right before the rain started today

It’s been about 10 days now since moving to the Piney Woods of Deep East Texas. I must say it’s been good so far. The gate is easy, 4-5 minutes away from our park, and things are going well. Close to stores and we like our Rv park.

Last evening sunset at our gate.

It’s been raining almost everyday, which has kept the temperatures down a lot. It’s raining now as I write this. This might just be a place where we stay a while!


Made it to the Piney Woods


It took a while to get our motorhome in between all the trees. Nice park with huge trees, swimming pool, and small lake to fish in. Only 4 minutes from our gate. We will start on Monday. A lot of the workers are here at the RV park also. We got it “made in the shade”.
Fishing lake, no license needed.
Getting ready to grill