Weather in Whitsett

For the past 3 days we have had stormy clouds all over, but not much rain. Made for some great photo opportunities but we are still waiting on some showers on us!!


Another shower way out there
Looking like it might rain…maybe??
Wow, look at that shower…about 10 miles away
Looks to be headed our way, its right over the Karnes City area now.
Just outside of Whitsett at a new gate, never rained.


Rain and then….

Looked like we were in for a few storms. Just got a good soaking, and then a double rainbow that turned into the brightest one I have ever seen.

Watching the storm coming in was great
Beautiful formations that changes quickly
Here comes the rain!!
Then the rain stopped, and this appeared.
We are at the end of the rainbow.

Just finished grilling, then some rain, and finished up with this rainbow. Life is good!!

Gate Visitors

Lots of cattle roaming around us, these two were interested in the bathroom for some reason.
Moma Cow
Mama cow #38 was keeping a close eye on her baby.
This dog was checking everything out, found out later it belonged to a rancher across the road. He said she usually brought a water bottle with here for you to toss and she would go get it. I guess she didn’t want to play fetch today…no water bottle.

Not Very Smart

Most of the oil rigs we work on are located on small 2 lane Farm to Market roads. Some are in better shape than others, but all have a lot of truck traffic and they drive fast. The gate we are on now is at the bottom of a hill in both directions. I saw this yesterday, this truck driver passes his destination and decides to turn around in the middle of the road.

I was ready for the crash
He had to pull up and back several times. I was sure we were in for a big accident.
Lucky for him and everyone else he got turned around with only a pickup coming over the hill, he saw him and was able to slow down while he blocked the road turning around. Exciting times in the gate guarding business.