Happy Easter from Marathon Texas

The owner has some quail blocks out on the property and I’ve been trying to catch some quail feeding there. They are very skittish, so you have to be still to get some pics.

IMG_2233e Scaled Quail
Blue Quail also known as Scaled Quail
IMG_2237e scaled quail
Taken right before they went through the fence and were gone.
Taken off Hwy 385 about 2 miles North of Marathon
IMG_2255e Bunny
Our resident bunny, but today he is our Easter Bunny

Sunset Drive to Post Park

We decided to take a drive to Post park before dark tonight. Nice park with a creek flowing through it, so lots of wildlife.

Vermilion Flycatcher
Another shot on a white railing, the red really shows up well.
Mule deer, these were seen on the road while we were driving back.



We saw about 30-40 of these on the way back. Finally caught up with this one on the side of the road. No shortage of jackrabbit’s.

Alpine Texas 

Went to Alpine today. It was time to do some grocery shopping and laundry.

Laundry Cow Dog
Tumbleweed laundry and Coffee shop with Cow Dog Food Truck


After our clothes were done we had lunch at El Patio. Great place to have some very good Mexican food!!

Alpine Train station
Alpine Texas train Station. These tracks are for freight and Amtrak


Train Coming
Union Pacific train, this is the same one that comes by our campground several times a day and night. The train horns are very loud….yep I know.
Wonderful mural across from the train station
Marathon Texas Target store


Jackrabbit coming out to play about sundown