As the holidays approach I think back on the last 5 months of us arriving in the Piney Woods of East Texas. We have enjoyed some great food, nice sunsets and moonlit nights, gambling at Naskila, massages under the pines, nature, beautiful scenery, and logging trucks almost as numerous as pickups. Endured a hurricane, flooding, and a love bug infestation. Its been a great time and I’m thankful for it all! (well maybe not the love bugs)

La Casita in Livingston….Good!!
Leaving some $$ at the Indian reservation
Pileated Woodpecker about 80 ft in top of a Pine Tree



Country church outside of Livingston
Moonlit Pines
Moonlit Pines

Lovebug Infestation

We have been invaded by Lovebugs. They are everywhere. The locals say it’s like this every year, but I have never seen this many bugs at one time. Literally thousands!!

Pretty unique is they are “attached” to each other- hence the name Lovebug


lovebug-shack.jpg Went to the store and all vehicles are in parking lot were covered.

Lovebugs Truck
FedEx Truck today. 

Lovebugs window2

 They don’t bite, in fact harmless, but annoying!!