Gate Guarding and more

We now have a gate that we are working the day shift. It’s in a great location close to Fashing, Texas.

Fashing has some interesting history. Read about it HERE

gate shack
Our new work place.
We have cows that come and visit every day.
In the mornings before sunrise all the lights sometimes attract Moths. Here is some of the most colorful ones.
Very cool colors

Rain, Peaches, and Bugs

Yes, it’s been raining. Love to watch the clouds form. You can see for hundreds of miles. This storm dropped 2 inch hail in Sanderson just east of us. We got no hail here.

This was June 1st storm rolling through.

Between rain storms we have been picking peaches. As I posted in a previous post we have a peach tree that is loaded with fruit. One of the campers made the office a peach cobbler. We have had some peach desserts also with more to come!!

Peaches Box
We got a ladder in the tree today and found a few that the birds hadn’t poked holes in.

Maybe all the rain has brought out some bugs, insects, spiders and such…

A small Tarantula
Found this cool looking moth this morning trying to find a warm spot from the North winds we had today

Moth 2

It’s back to work again tomorrow, but just 2 more days to go. Things have slowed down some with the summer upon us and the heat down in the Big Bend.