Movie Theaters

I love old buildings and have taken a lot of pictures of old movie theaters along our travels. Some all still in business but many are not. Here is a few we have discovered.

Premont Tx
This one is in the South Texas town of Premont. Love the name.
Alpine Tx
This is the Granada in Alpine, Tx which is no longer used as movies but as a concert venue.
Garland Tx
This one in Garland I’m very familiar with as I went there many times when I was a kid, it has been restored nicely and used a meeting/concert place.
Alpine Tx2
This is also in Alpine and still in business. We watched a movie there in 2016.
Livingston TX
Livingston, Tx. Was still in business when I took this picture, but I understand it is now closed.
Palestine, Tx
Palestine Texas, restored as a Community Theater
Marfa, Tx
The Palace in Marfa Texas. Now used as a private business.