Daughter, Quest for the Cup, & Back Home

We traveled North to the DFW area last week. My daughter had a surgery scheduled and we went to help her out for the week. Left on Sunday and drove to Abilene to spend the night. Boondocked in Walmart parking lot and arrived in Lewisville Lake park Monday for our week stay. Did not stay at the park much but did see a nice bird while there.

Baltimore Oriole




We spent most of the week at the hospital and her house helping with food, errands, Dr. appts, and medicine. She will have a cast on her foot for 8 weeks. Surgery went great, no big problems and she was doing good.



We headed back to the Big Bend on Sunday morning. One of the most interesting things we did while on the road was trying to find the elusive Walmart stainless steel tumblers that are wildly popular and almost impossible to find in any store.

These are “Yeti like” knockoffs that are better and MUCH cheaper. Yeti-$30.00+ Walmart-$7.74

Since we were traveling 500+ miles and pass by many Walmarts, the hunt was on!!

First stop was Big Spring, Texas where we spent the night. We asked the sporting goods clerk and he said they had a shelf full 2 days ago but none left now, however he had saved one for a fellow employee that hadn’t picked it up that he would sell to me. I finally had one!! But I wanted more… He said they had a truck in and might be unloading some later that night. Since we were in the parking lot all night it was no problem to check later around 9pm. We did-still no more cups. We checked once more the next morning and yes, you guessed it…none! So off we went.

Next stop Midland, Texas. Nope, none in stock. Clerk said one guy bought 25-30 cups and they couldn’t keep enough in stock for the demand. Usually lasted only 1-2 days. Had him check Odessa and he said they showed to have 40 in stock, however he said he would be surprised if they had any either.

Next stop Odessa. Well you can guess what happened….none in stock. There was only one more Walmart on our way back to Marathon and that was Ft. Stockton. He checked stock showed none there also. We were going there anyway so we will stop and check anyway. I was just happy I had one.

Next stop Fort Stockton.

Cup Display

After this picture was taken there were 8 less on the shelf. I must say they are very well made and for $7.74 a heck of a deal. Our last Walmart, wasn’t supposed to have any, and they were loaded. Great way to end our long drive back to the Big Bend. All that for a crazy cup!! We had fun.

After we returned I left one out with ice and water in it overnight for about 10 hours and it still had ice in it the next morning. So we did good to snag some.

Leaving Ft. Stockton with a Dairy Queen shake. One more     hour and we are home.                                                                    (My first ice cream in about 6 months) Man was it good!!

The winds were really blowing but we dodged most of the rain, just had a few areas where we had to run the wipers on high.