Fashing, Texas and Peggy, Texas

Ever wonder how towns get their names? Fashing Texas has some interesting history. Peggy Texas is just down the road.  Around 1920 residents constructed a one-circuit phone list. Fashing had no electricity until 1930 when the Karnes Electric Cooperative was opened. Less than 50 people live in Fashing now and around 20 in Peggy.

Peggy-fashing map

From the historical marker: Near the Old San Patricio Trail, leading from San Antonio to McMullen and McGloin colony, in area of Gulf of Mexico. In this vicinity were stage stops at Belle Branch, Rock Spring, Rountree’s, and Tordilla. Land was part of the Butler, Hickok, Tom and Rountree ranches. Town was platted in 1915 as “Hickok.” However, after the U.S. Post Office Department disapproved that name, the tag on a popular tobacco — “Fashion” — inspired adoption of the name “Fashing” for the town.

First schoolhouse was built in 1917; a second, 1921. The Methodist church, organized 1922, erected first house of worship (building moved in from Bastrop) in 1925. In 1934, St. Elizabeth Catholic Church was built. The Martin Luther Lutheran Church was erected 1948. Present school building was completed in 1952.

A center for mineral development. First local oil production was from Weigang Field, 1946. Tordilla Hill (5 mi. N) was site of first major uranium discovery in Texas in 1954. After further petroleum strikes in Fashing Edwards Limestone Field, 1958, gas and sulfur processing plants were built by the Elcor Chemical Co., Lone Star Producing Co., Sinclair Oil and Gas Co., and Warren Petroleum Corp. Currently, the only commercial uranium operation in Texas is near here.

The old store and post office in Peggy Texas
Farm machine shop in Downtown Peggy Texas
First called Hickok, then Hindenburg. The name Fashing, is from “Fashion” brand tobacco. It it also named after the German Fasching . Most all the first settlers were German decent.
The old Fashing school
Catholic Church in Fashing
The former Lutheran Church is now the Peggy/Fashing community center
Methodist church