RV’s come in all sizes

It’s amazing how many different RV’s we get to see. To the biggest to really small.

Here is a little Scotty. These were built in the 1950’s. Looks to be a nice rehab!!

One Year Full Timing

One year ago today we started out full time in our RV. We left the DFW area and spent the fall and part of the winter in Port Aransas as work campers.


We left Port Aransas in January to go back to Dallas area to take care of my daughter that was having some medical issues. Stayed in DFW until February and headed to Lake Murray in Oklahoma to work at the state park. That only lasted a few days because what they told us via email and phone was much different than when we arrived. We left Oklahoma and visited a few friends and family in East Texas and headed to Marathon in far west Texas in March. We worked in Marathon for 6 months and went down the road to Alpine where we are now.

Dislikes about RV life: We don’t have a tow vehicle yet, so we have to drive separate now. Hopefully that will change soon, but the pickup has come in handy for extra storage. Laundry is somewhat a chore since we don’t have a W/D in the motor home.

Likes: Great way to live on the cheap. Where we park is our home with great views, and if want to change views we move. Having to leave and take care of family allows us flexibility and keeps us out of hotels. Working as we travel allows us to stay as long as we wish and really get to know the town and enjoy everything there is to offer.

Work Camping experience: The job can be much different than explained to you. A lot of parks take advantage of you and have you work much more than needed for your hookups. Ask a lot of questions and get the job description in writing as well as the expected hours.

Conclusion: Its a great way to see places that you have always wanted to visit. We have met some interesting people and made some great friends. Where we are at now it gives us the chance to experience the Big Bend area for as long as we want. Most visit for a few days and have to leave. There is a lot to see and do and living here gives us the flexibility to take it all in. We love the lifestyle and plan on continuing and traveling to more places in the future.


Lewisville Lake Park

Well here we are in our new location, Lake Park. Very nice park in Lewisville Texas. Right on the lake and close to everything.

Lake Park Campground Sign

MH2 lake Park
Lots of trees
MH3 lake park
As with most lakes…water is up more than normal. This area you see covered with water is the day use area of the park. Unless you have a boat-it’s closed
Sun pine trees
Sunset thru the pines
Sun lake park
Sunset on the road coming to the park
Lake Park Underwater
Road underwater
Lake Park Underwater2
Sorry this road is closed
Lake Park Flooded Picnic 2
Nobody wants to picnic at this table

Lake Park Flooded Picnic 3

Lake Park Flooded Picnic

Moon over lake
Full moon over the lake

Camping with the Elks

Elks CampingWe needed a place closer to my daughter at least for a few days so we could take her to a Dr appointment. We called the Elks lodge up and they said we could stay 4 days. It was just a place to park outside the lodge with electric and water. Not in the best area of Irving but despite that it turned out to be good anyway. It was quiet…the street it was on was closed for construction so it wasn’t a thru street while we were there. The price was right-$10 per night! Thank you, Elks Lodge of Irving



Found a great place to do our laundry.  $5.50 for one load of laundry in a one big washer.  2 sets of queen size sheets, 12 towels, dozen of kitchen towels, 5 pairs of jeans, 3 sweaters, 2 sweatshirts, 10 t-shirts and a few more items. The dryers were free, plus we were in and out in an hour.







Next stop: Lewisville Lake Park


More Lake Lavon Camping

Ash and Ace

Ashley and Dad

Ashley at Dam


My daughter came out today with her Lab. We had great time. Her dog kept us entertained. He is full of energy but very smart.

They were releasing a good amount of water from the dam today. Saw a lot of people fishing, but not many caught while we were there. It was a beautiful day, around 60 degrees with lots of sun. After enjoying a wonderful meal, watched a nice sunset, and    sat around the campfire.


Campfire 2





Lake Lavon Camping

Sunset at LavonWe finally found a good spot to stay for about 7-8 days. Nice quiet campground on Lake Lavon. Almost all the lakes are at or above flood stage and this one is no exception. Only 2 parks of the 8-10 are open. No boat ramps are open and most day use areas are closed as well. Several campsites here are standing in water. The marina by us is flooded as well. The great thing is it’s nice and quiet. We will be here a few more days and probably move somewhere closer to the Mid-Cities of DFW. Enjoy the nice sunset today.

Sunset at Lavon East

MH Lake Lavon

Change of Plans and Location

Leaving the beach
Goodbye to the beach

My daughter has been having some medical issues and we felt like the best place for us was close to her. We spent most of the day trying to find a place to park, which wasn’t very easy since DFW area doesn’t have many RV parks close in. We finally found a place in Collin county that had one space left, so we packed it up and headed North.


Leaving Beach Laura2

Waiting on ferry
Waiting on the ferry
On the Ferry
On the ferry across to Aransas Pass
Boondocking walmart Halletsville
Beautiful Sunset in Halletsville, Texas Walmart

Our first boondocking experience was here at Halletsville Walmart. Manager said it was ok, just park at the end of lot. This was a very small Walmart, one of the smallest we had seen so the parking lot was small as well. By nightfall we had three 18 wheelers, plus 3 rv’s. We liked this town, ate at a local bakery/cafe, and stocked up at Walmart.

Lavaca County Courthouse
Lavaca County Courthouse in Halletsville was still decked out for Christmas. We were so happy to see this. Great town square, friendly people, good food. We would like to come back !!
Gassing the beast
Leaving Halletsville….Gassing up the beast
Hildebrandt Meat Market - Lexington, Texas
Stopping at a Lexington meat market for some sausage. Man was it good!!
Chek sign
LaGrange Texas. We stopped for a bathroom break.
Chek House
Czech Music Museum of Texas






MH down the road
Overcast and damp all the way.
Rainbow Road
After leaving Port Aransas we had dark cloudy skies all the way up until this point. Look closely above the overpass- A Beautiful Rainbow reaching across I35 about 10 miles from Waxahachie. Was this a sign?? Everything felt great now. It seemed we were doing what was right.

Arrived at our destination park on January 7. It was not what we anticipated but we were determined to make it work. We paid, backed in, and started to set up and found out the electrical wasn’t working. The owner came down and looked at it and insisted that it was all working when the last person left. After a few frustrating hours we demanded our money back and left. It was already after 4pm with only about an hour before dark. We headed over to the Home Depot across the street, asked to speak with the manager and got his permission to spend the night or two in their parking lot.

Boondocking Home depot Wylie
Boondocking Home Depot Style!!



Finally secured a good camping area for a week or two.




Something we weren’t used to in Port Aransas was wrapping our water hose to keep from freezing. Oh well, it is winter time. Pipe wrap