Changes in Alpine

I mentioned in my last post that some changes were coming….

First a new job for me, I’m now working at the local True Value Hardware store in the paint dept. where I have had some experience many years ago at Sherwin-Williams. I like it, putting in a lot of hours which is ok since we have made several trips to DFW recently. Laurie is still at the Guest lodging which is nice since it’s just around the corner from True Value.

Second, a new location for us to park the RV. After searching everywhere in Alpine we finally got a call from someone with hookups on acreage. So the scenery is better, it’s much quieter, and we like it a lot. Our closest neighbors are some horses.

We had our friends from Marathon drop by a few days ago and brought some homemade tamales. Man they are good!!

Mmmmm good!!

The Big Bend area has received a lot of rain in the last month and everything is so green.

This is a roadside park at Ft Davis where we had lunch on the way back to Alpine from DFW.
The mountains were gorgeous and very green!!