Here Comes the Rain

We are 115 miles from the Gulf coast and Northeast of Houston, but they are predicting 7-12 inches of rain this weekend from the Tropical Storm headed towards the Texas coast. We are prepared, onboard water tank is full, plenty of fuel, generator is ready should we need power. Maybe something else???

Yeah, Pontoons for the Motorhome!!

Rainy Weather

We have a lot of rain lately, and it’s raining now as I write this. More in this week’s forecast. Finally got another couple to provide us some relief.  They were supposed to work another gate in Spring Texas but it has been delayed so they just may stay with us for a while. No more nights for me.


Yes, another rainbow. I have seen several since we have been in this location.
Our work area.

Weather in Whitsett

For the past 3 days we have had stormy clouds all over, but not much rain. Made for some great photo opportunities but we are still waiting on some showers on us!!


Another shower way out there
Looking like it might rain…maybe??
Wow, look at that shower…about 10 miles away
Looks to be headed our way, its right over the Karnes City area now.
Just outside of Whitsett at a new gate, never rained.


Rain and then….

Looked like we were in for a few storms. Just got a good soaking, and then a double rainbow that turned into the brightest one I have ever seen.

Watching the storm coming in was great
Beautiful formations that changes quickly
Here comes the rain!!
Then the rain stopped, and this appeared.
We are at the end of the rainbow.

Just finished grilling, then some rain, and finished up with this rainbow. Life is good!!

Cold Day in Alpine

Woke up this morning with 17 degree temps. Sun came out but never got above 27 degrees. Well what a perfect day to fire up the grill…

Chicken Fajitas on the grill…Mmmm good

I cooked the marinated chicken directly on the grill over hickory wood. Once it was done I cut it up in pieces and put in cast iron skillet with onions, and peppers. Served sizzling with rice, tortillas, and hot sauce. It was tasty with plenty of leftovers.

Cold in Alpine

It’s been a cold and wet here for the last few days. Guess who had to work the last 2 days? Yep, we did. Yesterday started out about 32 degrees at 9am and slowly dropped during the day. Visibility was about 50 yards with fog and drizzle. By 1pm it had dropped to 26 degrees with some off and on sleet and a cold North wind. The moisture had made for some very pretty scenes with the pine trees looking like flocked Christmas trees. Sadly I didn’t get any pictures.

We had several travelers stop for the night because of the weather. The most popular item we sold was heated water hoses which the owners had ordered and received yesterday. We sold them all in a matter of a few hours. I assisted one camper with running a electric cord inside her RV so she could plug in an additional heater. Another college girl had a wheel on her truck freeze up and we had to move the truck out of the road where it was stuck. Yes, the weather made for an interesting day. When we left for the day it was 25 degrees.

Fast forward to this morning and it is now 35 degrees, the sun is trying to come out and things are starting to thaw out. Forecast high today is 53, tomorrow 65 and over 70 for Sunday. That sounds great!!