WiFi Problem and Our Solution

Wifi 2We have read that many RV parks have spotty wifi reception. Now we know that feeling. We just happen to be in one of a few dead spots for wifi in our park. We have a wifi adapter so just need to get it outside and up in height. Used a plastic bottle (we had one) to protect the wifi adapter and an extension cable (we ordered one HERE)

Here is how we did it…

IMG_0600Find a plastic bottle that will fit the wifi adapter. Cut a slot and drill a hole in the bottle cap for the extension cable. Plug the extension cable into the adapter and tread the cable through the hole in the cap and screw it back on the bottle. We mounted it on our ladder with bungee cords. It works great!!

Cut a slot in the cap to the center
Drill a hole in the center that connects the slot
Drill a hole that connects with the hole
Thread the cable through and tighten the cap. Plug the other end into your computer. UPDATE: We now have two cables, one for each computer and have replaced the plastic bottle with PVC pipes with a cap on top for long term use. Works GREAT!!

Parts Needed:

NetGear RangeMax Wireless Adapter

Bluerigger 32 ft ExtensionBlueRigger USB 32 Ft, Extension Cable