Nice night in Marathon

Had a few nice days-no rain (not that I’m complaining!!) I needed to drive around town before sunset tonight to find some photo subjects.

IMG_4260 Night Hawk
Happened to see this night hawk waiting for it to get a little more dark.
Layers of color. Everything is so green after the rain we had last week.
Deer on mtn
If you look at the arrow you can see 2 deer on the side of this mountain.-Next photo is zoomed in.
Deer on mtn close
Can’t escape the zoom lens.
Wow, what a beautiful sunset tonight!!



Walking around…

Another beautiful day so I decided to see what kind of photo ops in my “backyard”.IMG_3481e

This is a rental vacation house

Vermilion Flycatcher
Desert-Grassland Whiptail
Gray Fox
It was on the move, so I didn’t get a great picture.

Not bad for about 30 minute walk around our RV site.

The Last Frontier-Cowboys and Cowgirls

IMG_2135eWe have been in Marathon for almost a month now. Yesterday we made a trip to Alpine for some shopping and to pick up a prescription. One thing I’ve noticed is the number of real cowboys. Hats and boots are very common. Not the shiny boots you might see in a big city, but working boots with dirt on them. Hats have sweat lines. While we were in the local store in Alpine I saw a lady grocery shopping in boots with spurs. Now I will admit a lot a folks wear boots, but with spurs is something I haven’t seen in a long time. The people here remind me of East Texas with a West Texas kind of flair. Boots here are up to your knees but since most every plant and a lot of animals have something that will hurt you, that is pretty smart. One thing is for sure everyone we have come in contact with were very friendly.