Trip to Alpine

We had to go to Alpine yesterday for several things. Dr. appt for Laura to get her meds refilled, and I had to pick up my meds also. I had a little job to do (real estate). Picked up a few items at Blue water health store. Went grocery shopping, got some great looking T-bones, and had lunch at El Patio. Truck needed gas…it had gone up some-$2.13. Arrived at 10:30 and left at 3:30. Pretty much spent most of the day in Alpine.

Back at home, the pond is full and waterlilies are in bloom.




Got our first ripe tomato and squash from the garden. Had to change some plants out to containers because of the ground squirrels digging them up.

Container Garden

We have had several peach deserts now, glad we went out and picked some because that tree is about done with the birds and animals eating a lot of them. The peaches are so good!!